Spring in Bloom

Pollination, originally uploaded by jcarter.

Spring is in full bloom in San Diego. These red flowers appeared on a tree in our backyard over the past week. Each bristle is covered in yellow pollen, no doubt partly to blame for my periodic allergy outbreaks this week.

A Vacation in Aruba

Afterglow, originally uploaded by jcarter.

We just got back from a week in Aruba. We had a great time; plenty of excellent diving, good food, and naps each afternoon.

Aruba was nice, but more westernized than we expected and not adventurous enough for what could possibly be our last hurrah before children. It’s probably a great place for families looking for a safe tropical vacation where everyone speaks English and uses the Dollar.

I’m not complaining though. A week on the beach and underwater is better than almost any other week I could think of.