Something About Myself That I Don’t Understand

In 1996, I took a flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong.  I had a window seat on a United 747.  For the bums in coach (including me), the seat configuration was 3-4-3.  There was someone in the aisle seat but no one between us.

The flight time was probably a bit longer than 14 hours.

I remember almost nothing about that flight except for this: I got out of that seat only twice, and both times only after my aisle companion got up first.

How in the hell did I survive a 14 hour flight with only two trips to stretch my legs and hit the lav?  Today the thought of a five hour cross country trip makes me curl into the fetal position and whimper.  I’m chalking it up to either a trance-like state or a complete lack of food and beverage 24 hours prior to the flight.

A Vacation in Aruba

Afterglow, originally uploaded by jcarter.

We just got back from a week in Aruba. We had a great time; plenty of excellent diving, good food, and naps each afternoon.

Aruba was nice, but more westernized than we expected and not adventurous enough for what could possibly be our last hurrah before children. It’s probably a great place for families looking for a safe tropical vacation where everyone speaks English and uses the Dollar.

I’m not complaining though. A week on the beach and underwater is better than almost any other week I could think of.