San Diego Firewood

This is a post mainly for my benefit, to get a scrap of paper off my desk.

Last fall, I searched far and wide for a cheap supply of firewood.  I found a post in either the Reader or Union-Tribune, called the number, and drove out to El Cajon to see what he had to offer.  There was a nice gentleman there, I think his name was Norman, and he had huge boxes full of hardwood, both split logs and whole limbs.  He offered me $40 to fill up half of the back of my Pathfinder, somewhere between 30-40 cubic feet.

I reached him at (619) 593-0319 and set up a time to meet him at 780 La Rochi Way, El Cajon, CA.

  1. Take 8E to the 2nd St. exit in El Cajon
  2. Take a right on 2nd St.
  3. 2nd St. turns into Jamacha Rd.
  4. Take a left on E. Washington Ave.
  5. E. Washington Ave. turns into Dehesa Rd.
  6. Take a right on Van Horn Rd.
  7. Take a left on La Rochi Way

Spring in Bloom

Pollination, originally uploaded by jcarter.

Spring is in full bloom in San Diego. These red flowers appeared on a tree in our backyard over the past week. Each bristle is covered in yellow pollen, no doubt partly to blame for my periodic allergy outbreaks this week.